Using AngularJS in SharePoint

In this article, we will learn about using AngularJS in SharePoint 2013. Specifically we’ll see how we can do the CRUD operations on a list in the host web from a SharePoint hosted app using AngularJS.
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SharePoint App only permissions

Sometimes, we need an app to do organization wide activities such as list all the user contacts. Or send an email to all contacts or modify some attribute for all users. This requires the app to have access to the full data of the organization regardless of the logged in user’s access level. For this, we can use the SharePoint App only permissions. Let’s see how we can configure the app only permissions.
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Create a SharePoint hosted app

In my earlier post, I’ve walked through the creation of Provider hosted apps. Today, I’ll show how to create a SharePoint hosted app. And we’ll see how to consume an external web service API such as USDA nutrition information API.

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