Using eDiscovery in SharePoint Online

What is eDiscovery?

Auditors, Record managers and litigators can use eDiscovery to discover content in electronic format. It allows to collect content from multiple sources such as documents, files, emails etc. which could be used in a legal case.
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Work with external users in SharePoint Online

Who are external users in SharePoint Online?

External users are someone outside of your organization, who needs to work on your SharePoint online sites such as documents and libraries. However, they do not have an account within your Office 365 or SharePoint Online tenant.
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Branding SharePoint Online

Even though the title for this post is Branding SharePoint Online, this is applicable to on-premises as well. Microsoft is suggesting that we should avoid creating custom master pages. Not that it should not be used, however we should consider other approaches such as themes and alternate css first.

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