Branding SharePoint Online

Even though the title for this post is Branding SharePoint Online, this is applicable to on-premises as well. Microsoft is suggesting that we should avoid creating custom master pages. Not that it should not be used, however we should consider other approaches such as themes and alternate css first.

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Customize SharePoint UI using JavaScript

As a best practice, Microsoft recommends us to avoid customizing the SharePoint farm to achieve our business logic and functionality. Using the app model is a step towards this goal. The patterns and practices gives us guidance on how to achieve some of the functionality we used to do with farm solutions.

Today, lets see how to customize SharePoint UI using JavaScript

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Access Office 365 using a Console Application

Create the Security Principal

Navigate to your Office 365 tenant. This will be of the format https://{your-domain} by default.

Open the application page https://{your-domain}
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Deploy solution wsp to SharePoint

The Microsoft technet article Automated Farm level Solution Deployment and Retraction, gives a very good example of deploying SharePoint wsp solutions using PowerShell. However, I felt that it would be better to wait for the timer job to complete instead of using sleep command as mentioned in SharePoint 2010: PowerShell to Wait for WSP Solution Deployment Timer Job to Complete

Also, I thought it would be better if we added a configuration xml instead of providing input parameters.
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SharePoint Search – how to return all results

By default, when we use the Search API, SharePoint limits the number of items retrieved. If your query returns a number of items within this limit, then it is not a problem. However, if your query results in a larger set, then by default those items will not be present in the result set.
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WebMethods in SharePoint using JQuery

Lets say we have a SharePoint Site Page or Application Page which has a server side method and we would like to call this method from JavaScript code. Wouldn’t it be great if we can do the server side processing and return the result such as a string or a json object back to the client side? Well, this is precisely what we can do using WebMethod framework.
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